ACF Fiorentina and Kappa are pleased to present the Kombat Pro Home 2024/2025. A game shirt that celebrates the purple soul of the club and enhances the technology PRO KOMBAT™ by Kappa.

On a technical level, the Kappa Kombat™ Pro 2025 is further refined in its ultralight fabrics and Nylon stretch seams to ensure maximum comfort and elasticity. Hydroway Protection technology ensures high breathability and an effective release of body heat.

On the front of the shirt are depicted the emblem of the club and the sponsor, while on the sleeves there is the Omini logo. The inserts on the collar and sleeves are of the classic Purple color. A tribute was paid to the history of the ACF Fiorentina, going to propose the V-collar and the sleeve bottom inserts in the classic purple color.


In the launch campaign developed by ACF Fiorentina e Kappa a purple cloth invades the streets of Florence, contaminating with its color some of the most iconic views of the Tuscan capital. A harmony of shapes and colors, which is definitely materialized inside the new home of Fiorentina and its fans: the Rocco B. Commisso Viola Park sports center. Find out more on Kappa social account.