LC23 x SSC BARI by Kappa

For the third year in a row, designer Leonardo Colacicco, founder of the LC23 brand, has designed two Kombat Kits for the SSC Bari team. As the designer himself said, this project is: 'Perhaps the one in which I put most of myself and all the love I feel for this city and this team'. After the first two kits whose protagonists were, in order, the octopus and the exultation of the train, the third project is inspired by Leonardo Colacicco's love for the city of Bari and his favourite team: SSC Bari.

LC23 x SSC BARI by Kappa


LC23 x SSC BARI by Kappa



Four kits, many colours, one team: SSC Bari. Once again this year Kappa has produced the four Kombat Pro kits for SSC Bari with ultra-lightweight fabrics and Nylon stretch seams. Thanks to the Hidroway protection technology, players are guaranteed breathability and an effective release of body heat. Every detail and customisation element is designed to eliminate chafing on the skin and guarantee total comfort to get the most out of every performance.


For the Home Jersey of season 23/24, an eye-catching and contemporary design has been created. The white-coloured jersey with red central stripes has red details on the inserts, sleeves and collar, along with distinctive elements such as the Kappa logo and Bari's iconic oval shield with the fighting rooster. A kinetic chequered pattern enriches the classic red background with a contrasting three-dimensional weave. The two opposing arrows point to the athlete's heart, while on the back they indicate his number.


The Away jersey, or as it has been dubbed 'The Red Power Kombat 2024', is an innovative jersey design that combines the classic red and white combination. The basic red is enriched by a kinetic chequered pattern and a three-dimensional weave. White stripes along the sides and white inserts on the sleeves and collar create contrast. Ultra light fabrics and stretch nylon seams ensure elasticity and comfort, with details designed to minimise chafing on the skin. A perfect combination of modernity and red and white tradition.


The Third Kit 23/24 is also a homage to the Apulian land, with the main colour of the jersey, yellow, recalling Apulian wheat, a world excellence. SSC Bari and Kappa have therefore designed a kit with a kinetic pattern already present in the Away shirt in white and red, but in the Third version it is in yellow and black. A kinetic chequered pattern enriches the black background, with a contrasting three-dimensional weave in yellow. Along the sides there are two black stripes, while on the sleeves and collar there are white and red inserts to pay homage to the classic club colours.


The Fourth jersey is composed of a multicoloured design that joins the Bari tradition, which calls for the colours white and red. A texture composed of diagonal stripes intertwining on the underside of the jersey recalls the city's neon lights shining on the dark blue of the night, car headlights, and strobe reflections. On the sleeves and the collar there are white and red inserts to make the contrast even more visible. Passion, technique and team membership combined with KOMBAT technology are at the service of the identity and history of the Bari club.