The world's most stylish five-a-side football tournament returns and become international for the first time.

For the third year running, Kappa organises the Kappa Cup.
The stages will be Madrid, Genoa and Paris, and also for this edition three designers will develop the creativity of the jerseys, making the tournament an opportunity to propose original football jerseys with captivating creativity. The three stages have been selected to underline the football and cultural identity that has always distinguished Kappa's work, which does not stop inside the green rectangle. Thus each event will see the participation of three teams belonging to communities, artistic and cultural collectives that animate and define the city's identity, welding the relationship between sport and the territory through the most beautiful game.


Five-a-side football is a real culture made up of weekly get-togethers, teams that change as needed, top shots, beers on the sidelines and the inevitable locker room chats. A lifestyle that Kappa wants to celebrate through three triangles under the banner of sport, music and culture; providing the game shirts conceived and designed in collaboration with external designers.

KAPPA CUP VOL.2 - 2023

Bari, Naples and Milan
The second edition of the Kappa Cup opened with a stop in the city of Bari, which replaced Rome, before visiting Naples and closing in Milan. The participants in this edition were diverse and the novelty was that the jerseys were designed by external designers involved for the occasion. Nicoletta Lo Monaco took care of the jerseys for the Milan leg, Marcello Pipitone for the Naples leg, and Leo Colacicco for the Bari leg. The second edition was also a tribute to the culture of five-a-side football among friends, and the spirit of sharing was the leitmotif of the three stages.

KAPPA CUP VOL.1 - 2022

Rome, Naples and Milan
The first edition of the Kappa Cup was a big surprise: nobody would have imagined such a large turnout, participation and enthusiasm from the very first event. The stage that opened the dances was held in Rome, the second in Naples and the third in Milan. The participating teams were composed of realities that share the same values as Kappa: editorial teams such as L'Ultimo Uomo, or musical collectives such as Touch The Wood, who also took care of the DJ Set at the end of the Rome leg.